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January 30, 2015

(RELIVE) The Neil Godleski Reparations Protest! Reparations Offender Neil Godleski’s Just Desserts Come Home To Roost; Norwalk & DC Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Life & Family Of Criminal, 31 Year Old Catholic University Student, Demand Family Turn Over Possessions For Genera-tional Crimes; DC Soldiers Demand 18 Year Old Eric Foreman Released, Condemn Racist DC Police Regime Terrorism

Below a email from reparations offender Stephen Godleski’s aunt Suzanne Murphy to Shittycop publisher Creaux Steele where publication of The Neil Godleski Reparations Protest originally appeared.

A message of love, forgiveness and kindness is sent to you today. Please read it in the same spirit in which it was sent to you. I am Neil Godleski’s Aunt and God Mother. We miss Neil very much.  I forgive Neil’s killer because Jesus taught us to forgive. So I do forgive. I will try to guide Neil’s heartbroken parents and sister to in the fullness of time to forgive as well. Human beings need love and kindness. Hate is a killer of all hope and positive change. My personal forgiveness does not mean that we’ll forget Neil.  Neil’s family will grieve his death forever. He was very admired. 1000+ passed by his casket. If Eric Foreman is found in the law to be the killer then I’ll personally protest any death penalty. I have pity for the Forman family. They too have lost a loved son.  I refuse to feel bitter about Neil’s needless and brutal death but I will remain very sad for the rest of my life.. I thank God everyday that we had our wonderful Neil in our lives for 31 years. He was God’s blessing. Neil had a bright future ahead of him in Biology. He would have fostered advancements in his field.  Hate is a powerfully destructive emotion. God frowns so I will not take that path. Mr. Steele, I ask you to stop your destructive hate speech on that website. By choosing hatred you promote more hate which leads directly to additional ugly violence. Hate serves no positive purpose. Hate simple fosters more hate, murder and grieving Mother’s Yes, life is indeed unfair for most of us However,we have to rise above hate and other pointless emotions lest we drawn into the sin of hate. Do yourself a favor. Visit Phillip’s Restaurant on the Potomac River and look at the nice photo of Neil and plaque the owner placed in the Lobby It say’s “OUR BEST FRIEND”.Talk to Neil’s dear friends  there. You’ll find that Neil’s friends were of every color skin in this world. They all came to his funeral and cried. If his killer had merely robbed him Neil would have said, “Hey man, take it all if you need it? It’s just money” If his attacker had engaged in a fair fight Neil would have put the lad in the hospital.  For Neil was highly skilled in all types of defensive martial arts. Neil was not a hater of anyone. He worked long hours at Phillip’s because he was paying for college himself. He was not pampered white kid. His Boss at Phillip’s went to the morgue to identify Neil for the family. The man was horrified. He screamed! Do something positive for Eric Foreman. Buy him a Bible. Go see Eric’s Mother. Talk nicely to her. Be a friend and step away from hatemongering. Pray for guidance and it will come to you. You are welcome to email me back as long as you do not HATE. Let it go! I have. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I’ll sign off now as Neil always did.Peace Dude, Suzanne.

Suzanne Murphy

Suzanne, you’re familiar with the wisdom bearing adage “Those who don’t know their past are doomed to repeat it,” yes? That great  adage tells us whites can never be trusted, loved or lived with peaceably. It also tells us that your kind know no justice.  **Likewise** by way of **Divine Racial Karma** we know the window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the universe by making restitution for their innumerable racial atrocities against the other races of people on the planet is closed. Now tell me, whose fault is it that the words “white” & “injustice” & “white” & “wicked” evolved as synonyms? That’s your own kind’s fault. Why certainly you know yours don’t deserve to be **loved**. Thank you for your contribution but fuck you & Neil.. “#WhiteAmericaIsRaceCriminal, 
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