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August 28, 2018

“Our children, mothers, fathers & brothers & sisters no longer feel safe around whites commissioned by local & state governments to have badges & guns & who are called ‘police’. To us, they are racial terrorists whose presence & orders threaten our lives. We request an immediate recognition of our fears by the United States government as we can no longer safely adhere to their instructions. WE NO LONGER TRUST THEM. If not, for our saftey, we must take our & our family’s safety into our own hands & embrace George Bush Jr’s ideology of PREEMPTIVITY against them for our safety.” – NBFSN


July 17, 2016

Obama: “There is no justification for violence against law enforcement.” … There is no justification for the unpunished legacy of white police terror against our people,” NBFSN


gbrm-drkswpcbe-2d3t2d (1)“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness to change,” says Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny. (Source

“The white man has broken each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources,” says NBFSN Divine Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “We know now that when any atrocity befalls anywhite person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the edict and bounty the universe has issued against them for their Universal Law violations, failure to make restitution for their racial crimes and crimes against the planet.” (Source) Continue reading