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November 18, 2012

“Sometimes, in my dreams, I see my son, sitting in front of his stolen Dell Laptop Computer, reading these websites. Like the American Indian in the old litter commer-cials, he turns to me and I see, a single tear rolling down his cheek. He says, They just don’t get it.” Daniel Marco father of Zachary Marco says … “No Zack, remember you valued your laptop & cellphone over charity. So we didn’t get it. But you didn’t get it either. Or did you. Fucking wanna be white pig.” On Heels of Reparations Protester Louis Harper’s Life Sentence Maricopa County Black Foot Soldier Geronimo Adanandus Condemns Portrayal of Reparations Offender Zachary Marco as ‘Decent Human Being’.

Sunday, November 11, 2012
Marco Zachary Reparations Protest UPDATE: Protester Louis Harper Awarded Life Sen-tence for Defending Self Against “Violent” Reparations Denier; ” Can you imagine not having made restitution for your kind’s race crimes & sitting at your computer, researching the media coverage of your son’s death, trying to see what the rest of the world saw & this is what you stumble on?” “FTFY, Dad!” – Maricopa County Black Foot Soldier Geronimo Adanandus

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
The Marco Zachary Reparations Protest (UPDATE): Daring Reparations Protester Marion Anthony Patterson Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Murder; “We esteem brother Patterson as the hero & Marco Zachary, who lived as a privileged pig, as the criminal. As Arizona has yet to make restitution for her generational race crimes against our people, we are thankful repara-tions offender Zachary can no longer deny our Holocaust & flagrantly flaunt his kind’s racial criminality before our people’s eyes.” Maricopa Black Foot Soldier Geronimo Adanandus; Arizona Soldiers Condemn Dan Marco (Dad’s) Hypocritical Characterization of the Zachary Marco Family as “Family of Civil Rights Activists” While Supporting Denial of Reparations

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
THE ZACHARY MARCO REPARATIONS PROTEST: Alleged Protesters Louis Eugene Harper & Marion Patterson Hailed As Heroes In Courageous Protest Against Flagrant Genera-tional Reparations Offender – Maricopa County Black Foot Soldiers; “Ultimately Zach wanted to be a comfortable white American pig advocating white justice at our expense.”