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November 25, 2017

REJOICE: Racist Kensington Police Regime Terrorist : DEAD; “Brian Shaw no longer has any opportunity to racially terrorize our people,” Philly Black Foot Soldier Zachariah Walker; “Let us celebrate the sacrifice of brother Rahmael Sal Holt & fast for his safety.”

“We have the right to pursue reparations from whites. “Their property” belongs to us; 2. We have the right to protect & defend ourselves against terrorist white police; 3 White police are terrorists & have no jurisdiction over us; Fight the devil.” – National Black Foot Soldier Network

November 22, 2017

Headline reads, “Suspect ID’d in Slaying of Rookie Pennsylvania Police Officer” … Should read, “Racist Pennsylvania Police Regime Terrorist Brian Shaw, Killed!” FTFY! Few Westmoreland County black citizens can express relief at death of New Kesington police regime terrorist! Brother Rahmael Sal Holt emerges “HERO” in protection of black people!

A manhunt continued on Sunday for the “armed and dangerous” gunman who allegedly shot and killed New Kesington police officer Brian Shaw, authorities said.

Rahmael Sal Holt, 29, was identified by Pennsylvania State police as the gunman in Friday night’s shooting, which occurred about 18 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Authorities filed charges of first-degree murder and murder of a police officer against Holt on Saturday.

“White so called “police” are state commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as repre-sentatives of the law. If you feel threatened by racial terrorism from being pursued by a white “police officer” you have right to defend & protect yourself & family,” – NBFSN