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March 25, 2015

Use 1865 (Online) Census to your County, Identify Surnames of Slave Owners, Identify Descendants: HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE; “Today’s descendants of yesterday’s slave owners are generational race criminals that need to be brought to justice” – NBFSN


nbfsn-rp-j2nn3f2r_r4ss_1nd_th2_sl1v2_1v2ng2r-AaaThe entire “Western world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy and the institution of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the entire white world owes.  Contemporary whites’ position that they don’t owe for slavery is in the same vain of their morally degenerate forefathers who set forth barriers to make the climate to seek reparations impossible after their so-called abolishment of slavery was set fourth.
“All whites are reparations offenders,” says NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou. “There are direct reparations offenders and non-direct reparations offenders.  Direct reparations offenders are whites from families who owned slaves. Non direct reparations offenders are whites from families who enjoyed either (or both) enjoyed the economic and social position the institution of slavery and white racism afforded them.  We do not see the non-direct ones as less guilty than the ones who actually did own slaves.”

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January 27, 2013

The Kerri Dalton Divine Racial Karma Stabbing: Defiant Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations Offending White Supremacist STABBED IN NECK While Privileged White Flaunting & Suspected of “Narcissistically Turning Nose Up at Black Shoppers” in New Jersey Bed & Beyond; Was Brother Tyrik Haynes Chosen Vessel of Divine Race Karma?

“The very neck she used to narcissistically turn her head up and tilt her nose toward the sky in racial ascendancy to allegedly show her apparent personal feeling of superiority over black people, a hand wielded by Divine Racial Karma stabbed her in reported over twenty times.”

New Jersey Black Foot Soldier William Still

While Western media channels are reporting the Divine Racial Karma led stabbing of twenty-nine year old reparations offender Kerri Dalton as unprovoked, many New Jersey Yakub Muslims assert the generational racial terrorist and supporter of Western global racial and economic terrorist is an incessant “Nigger Word Thinker” (NWT) and are asking all blacks and people of color who may have heard Dalton think and hurl “nigger” or other anti-black racial epithets toward black people to come forward.